about Jen...

Jen Long is a proud mama of two phenomenal daughters, and a happy wife to a handsome History Professor/ musician husband. She lives with her family and their Aussie pup in Northern Colorado.  
Through essential oils, she has enhanced every aspect of her own life, and has uplifted thousands of other lives along her journey. As a Diamond leader with doTERRA, she coaches her team on love centered action, and fully believes that success rests heavily on surrendering into the truth of our messy realness, which always turns out to be our greatness gift to offer the world. 
Jen holds a BA in Sustainable Community Development from Prescott College (Prescott, AZ).  Her education focused primarily on Permaculture and Environmental Art.   Before moving to Colorado, Jen fulfilled a dream by raising her family in a permaculture based co-housing community in Tucson, Arizona.  Now residing in the suburbs, she is turning her lawn into gardens and neighbors into dear friends.  Jen is also a certified yoga teacher and a potter. Legs up the wall is her go-to asana.  Rumi her go-to poet.  And giving gifts of handmade mugs is her love language.
A lover of God and gardens, of family, simplicity, natural healing modalities, flowers and real food. Jen truly believes we all need to live a life of love that reflects the depth and truth of who we are. 

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