a strong and steady baseline...

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Sipping on some extra love as I prepare to leave for the annual doTERRA convention in Salt Lake City!
As someone who is easily overwhelmed by traveling and events, I have figured out some beneficial rituals to ease my way during these times.  

I am no expert by any means, and this list is always developing and shifting as I grow and refine. Below are my most beloved rituals for a healthy mind and body while preparing for, experiencing, and recalibrating from large events.

  1. Cutting out caffeine:  
    This is an easy way for me to provide myself with a steady and strong baseline. Switching to herbal infusions helps my nervous system chill, and is made even more grounding in a handmade mug!
  2. Nourishing real food:  
    While I normally prioritize whole real homemade food, it becomes even more important to stay on eating well, and my mind and body are rewarded.  Simple, whole, vibrant and nutrient dense is my aim.  
  3. Juicing celery and cucumber with mint and basil.  
    I do this a few times a week prior to a large event.  While I am uncertain about the medicinal properties of celery and cucumber, I do notice that I feel more vibrant, hydrated, and calm after juicing.  
  4. Oils oils oils:  
    doTERRA's Aromatouch diluted and applied to my limbs and back of neck, melts away any tension.  To stay present and grounded, I blend a drop of Patchouli and Sandalwood and wear on my ankles and sacrum. When I need an extra dose of calm, I use the Breathe rollerball across my chest and on my palms to cup and breathe in  (deep big breaths are so necessary for calming) ... need oils still?  Connect with me to get started!
  5. Stillness and openness:  
    I love to go deeper to get softer with practicing more yin yoga (if you don't have a local teacher, I highly recommend YogaGlo for this) and meditation (I use the Insight Timer app) in preparation for an event and to help recalibrate when I return home.  While I am traveling, legs up the wall and my mantra meditation are simple and effective in providing me a rooted and stable space to flow from.
  6. Movement: 
    More walking and stretching, less sitting.  So simple, chose physical movement over just sitting there.  Always.
  7. Writing it all out:  
    When I am overwhelmed I retreat into my head (overanalyzing and judgmental and fearful), writing helps me move the mental clamor around and out.  Writing out morning pages (Artist's Way) is one of the most purifying and clarifying, thus sacred rituals for my health.  Not writing for anyone, just letting go and spilling.  It's hardly beautiful or eloquent, but always illuminating.

The biggest reward of sticking with these rituals is that they allow space for me to be most gentle with myself and tune into my true needs and nourish them.  I hope you find something on my list that will be of benefit to your and your health.

Big breath in and exhale the love.  

let it be easy...

Never fight. 
Nothing is worth fighting for.
Wisdom never fights, it waits patiently, speaks positively, releases easily, sees benefit in everything and envisions a future of abundance... knowing that all needs will be met at the right moment, in the right way.
If you think life is a struggle you will always be struggling.
If you think life is a breeze, you're attitude and actions will convey lightness and easiness.
And that's what attracts everything you need, and much more.
Make today a breeze, not a battle.

16 years ago my mama sent me this quote during a very hard time in my life. Led by my heart and with little planning, I had just moved across the country alone. To a new town, a new environment, with no job, little money saved, but with a deep knowing that it was what I needed to move forward. ✨

I asked my mama on our backpacking adventure last month if she remembered sending it? She hadn't. I always wondered if she knew how much that quote meant to me. How I found comfort in the words. How often I pull it out to remember. 
Release the struggle and let it be easy.

In 14 days I turn forty. 
It's just a number. What does it mean... really?... but the shifting that turning 40 is bringing up in me is monumental nonetheless. 
In the past month I've had to let go of so much because of the heaviness and because it isn't mine to hold onto. 

Cliche. I know.

Letting go of people whom I love dearly. Releasing desires and goals that while are impressive, were never my own and misaligned with my truth. Dropping addictions that replaced other addictions while all were just attempts to hide the real truth. Releasing the desire to please and achieving to prove my worthiness.

Going into nature, I returned hOMe.

With the only thought of where to step next, how to navigate a giant mud pit while not falling over or losing the trail. Finding inspiration in a bird song, the crystal blue water 200 feet below, or a mossy stump covered in mushrooms. Falling asleep to the wind in the swaying tree canopy and Lake Superior's lullaby.

Everything made sense again.
The noise faded.
The veil lifted. 
and I remembered. 

Nature whispered to surrender and let it be easy. To go with the natural flow of life and to release the fight.

So that's where I am. 
14 days to 40.
Big awakenings.
Bigger love for myself and my truth.

xo always.

the ultimate balancer...

Lavender, the ultimate balancer. 
Supporting us in expressing our most illuminated truth. 

You know your truth.
I know mine.
Let us stand together on sacred ground and surrender into the beauty we are meant to emanate.

I love our Touch line...each oil is perfectly diluted and rolls onto the skin like satin with the stainless steel rollerball.

I use one swipe between my brow and a swirl over my heart.
I am also loving it diffused with Clary Sage, Red Mandarin and Frankincense.  Equal drops of each. 


our bodies are amazing...

Two years ago I broke my nose teaching yoga.  Helping a sweet student into handstand, she kicked up at the same second someone called my name... so she kicked up and I broke concentration and looked up.. and CLOCK!  Bam.  Ouch.  Broken nose.  Days later, I finally got in to see a surgeon who reset my nose.  I will spare you the traumatic retelling, let's just say I thought I was getting rhinoplasty and what I received was needles up nostrils and an adult's full body weight pressed onto my nose in an intense experience for which I remained wide awake and alert for.  

To say the very least... it taught me a lot.

  • Wearing a nose cast -- What other people think of me is none of my business.
  • Traumatic nose correction -- Ask questions.  Get clarity.  Never feel silly to ask what's going on.. and VOICE concerns!
  • Breaking the nose -- Pay attention to the matter at hand.  (and when helping someone give them your full attention)

So, why do I bring this up today?  Because today, two years later from this resetting, my nose randomly bruised.  I didn't hit it, or even bump it.  At 2:00 this afternoon, while I was talking on the phone with my mama, I glanced in the mirror and saw circles under my eyes and a deep bruise forming exactly where my nose was broken.  It doesn't hurt... it's just a bruise.

God knows why.  Maybe it is mere coincidence.  Maybe its my body finally processing trauma.  Any way I look at it,  I think, WOW.. our bodies are amazing!  

Our natural state is one of healing and nothing short of death keeps the body from trying to mend and care for itself.  Doing its best with what it has available.  

I should remember that.  I am doing my best with what I have available, and so is everyone else.

Such a beautiful reminder. 




grounding yourself in positivity...

Grapefruit and Patchouli.  A match made in heaven. 

Open your mind and heart around Patchouli.  I always really really wanted to like it, but found the aroma way too overwhelming.  Then I found doTERRA's Patchouli which is sparkly and fresh. I have customers who once turned their noses up to this hippie oil, asking why I smell so good when I am wearing it.  
Part of the mint family, Patchouli is anchoring, grounding, supporting you in staying present in your body and being sweet with yourself.
Grapefruit is amazing for supporting your needs and clarity around health and personal growth. Uplifting and cleansing, blend it with Patchouli and you have MAGIC! 

TO USE you can diffuse or blend in a rollerball.

Diffuse: 3 drops Grapefruit and 1 drop Patchouli

5ml rollerball add - 15 drops Grapefruit & 5 drops Patchouli and top with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, anything that is stable and fast absorbing).  
I wear it on my ankles, wrists and behind my ears.  

so much noise...

After a full day in the dirt... I am back to feeling like me.
My bare feet connected to earth allow me to anchor back into my body.  
Leaving my phone inside all day offered the freedom to fully focus on what I was doing... and oh wow, did that feel good! I knew I've been distracted.. I knew I needed to come back to center. Meditation helps me tremendously.. however an earth connection - little else comes close.

rumi starts the day...

Lately, I've wanted to scream NO!!! and run away from what I know I need to do next. My bones feel like jelly and my heart races. I want to run from the vulnerability that is required to show up fully in the world. But... something gets to me and I don't. I keep on...
.. because I recognize I'm ready. 
Seclusion is no longer feeling right even though this new way of being is super uncomfortable and scary...

On April 1, I started showing up as the real messy raw me, and instead of the slamming closed doors I was expecting, I found doors beginning to open. Some just a crack - as if someone on the other side just turned the handle and let the door breathe open a sigh. 
Exhale and step forward.